Sunday, April 07, 2013

Recce Plans

Well seeing as my legs don't work today it's time to do some planning for June. My legs are soooo sore - not that I wasn't expecting it. I looked like a cripple as I wandered around site - either that, or someone who'd had an accident in their pants - it was the former, not the later thank you very much! No training tonight.

So, time is marching ever onwards and I've still no plans for any recce's of the Welsh 1000s or 3000s. I've a few dates - as in the availability in the diary, sadly - Thursday 19th April, Thursday 2nd May or Thursday 16th May. Really want to get up there twice - ssh no, stop it. Not sure that'll will happen but maybe I should just say 'f&*( it' and go. I've a few ideas of what and where to recce. Not sure I'll be able to fit it all in on one long weekend so I really need to head north twice. Me, the van, the open road and the mountain, what could be better?... Of course, if there's anyone else around on those dates they'd be welcome to join the fun.

Anyway, I'm getting a waft of my supper cooking on the stove and I reckon it's just about ready. Let the eating commence.

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