Friday, March 01, 2013

Slightly Scared

It's got to be done but that doesn't make it any less imposing. With now just three - F*(% me, only three! - months till the Welsh 1000s I've got to increase the length on my runs and, more importantly, go up mountains. Trail running over the few bumps along the Cotswolds or the Malverns ain't going to cut it. Can't believe time is going by so quickly - where's the theory of time dilation when you need it? That said you do need to be travelling close to light speed for that.

Anyway, I've plotted a twenty mile circumnavigation of the villiage of Cwmdu taking in Mynydd Llangorse, Mynydd Troed, Pen y Manllywn, Waun Fach, Pen Trumau, Mynydd Llysiau, Pen Allt-mawr and finally Pen Cerrig-calch. In all I reckon it'll be somewhere over 1,250m of ascent.

The forecast is decent so even if - or should that be when - I fade I'll still have the views to take in as I walk to the finish. Hoping it doesn't come to that... And if - eh hem, I mean, when I survive that, there's the TT on Sunday with it's eight mountainous miles. Half tempted to make a mini-break of it and camp out overnight in the van rather than travel out and back both days. I'll see how I feel in the morning...

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