Friday, March 08, 2013

Mulling Over The Routes

I've got to skip the long run this weekend. I need to get my raised beeds constructed if I'm going to get my tatties planted. I'm going for some earlies and a main crop this year and unless I get cracking with the beds my earlies ain't gonna be very early. It's also time to sow my seed - ooh er misses, shh, no, stop it. Cherry tomatoes, scotch bonnet and bird eye chillies and various herbs all need to find their way to the cultivator. Going back to the raised beds I need to decide what other veg to grow but that's a decision for another day...

Well tonight I've been trying to work out the routes for my two target races - the Welsh 1000s and 3000s weighing in at 20miles/9,500ft and 30miles/13,000ft respectively. I think I've managed to pull together the routes from various sources of information. Not one hundred percent sure they're exactly right but pretty happy that they're close. I do think I need to get up there in April/May for a few recces though. April is going to be tricky with work but I can't let that wreck things - read I won't let it wreck things this year. There are a few sections where the route I've plotted might not actually be feasible in practice and there are a few other spots where the route is right but where I think it needs deeper investigation on the ground.

Anyway, here are the outline routes, 1000s then 3000s...

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