Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Planning For The Weekend

Well it has to be another long run this weekend so it's time to plan the route. Needs to be twenty miles but with more hills than the last long run two weeks ago or twenty four miles over similar hillage - that's another new word to add to the mad-ctionary. I'm thinking perhaps a trip to the dark side.... read west side of the Black Mountains. Perhaps Storey Arms up to Corn Du then back down and westward past Ystradfellte Reservoir, round to Fan Fraith and back over Fan Nedd, Fan Llia and friends back down to the start - or will it be the finish? The downside to the plan is that it still looks like it could be bloody darn cold - and for me, that's a pretty big downside. Don't want to get caught struggling in cold conditions as it's pretty wild and not well travelled over there on the dark side...

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