Saturday, March 16, 2013

Change Of Plan

So the weather didn't seem to bad first thing. Okay, the weather in the hills can be a lot different but I reckon it wouldn't have been too bad - had I made the journey. I woke with a sore throat and felt a bit congested so I decided against it. Going to park over at Speculation tomorrow and run there and back to the Symonds Yat orienteering. That should get me 25k tomorrow without the risk to life or limb raised by running in the middle of nowhere when not at 100%. I'm no longer worried I'll be ready for my welsh races. I've plenty of time through April and May to get in a few more long runs. April's headed towards being another bad work month. I'll need make every effort for the weekend long run. Then mid May I want to get a long weekend up to Snowdonia for a look at a few sections of the routes. In particular I want to look at the Crib Goch descent down to Nant Perris, the Tryfan descent and a recce over the Carnedds.

So instead of the long run I dug the raised beds in preparation for the tatties - I now have the worlds largest cat litter tray in the garden.... Also sowed my chillis (scotch bonnet and bird eye), peppers (minimix), cherry tomatoes (two varieties, one of which is a tumbling variety to go in hanging baskets!) and herbs - coriander, sage, basil, parley, thyme and lastly rosemary - a nice girl. So the day wasn't wasted. I've now got a bit of back ache but don't feel so congested anymore so I should be fit for action in tomorrow's orienteering.

Oh, and I saved the route I had planned for today as I reckon it's worth running on another occasion - maybe I'll manage it in April...

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