Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good Training - Rubbish Orienteering

Flippin' eck I was rubbish today. I awoke to a couple centimetres of snow and thought about shying off but once I got outside and realised it didn't feel that cold I was happy to head off to Mallard Pike for another attempt at orienteering - and by god it was a rubbish attempt.

I was one of the first out the blocks. Pioneering the route that others were to follow - if they were that stupid. I was out there a whole long time and barely managed any speed. It was so damn slippy. I made a few mistakes but I was never far off course. I just seemed to take too long to pick out the features amidst the snow. All good fun though.

After I'd run my race I hopped in the van for a brew - in this case a piping hot cup of soup - and to warm up my hands which tend to get a little cold in this weather. I'd volunteered to help collect the controls and once all the runners and riders had returned I set off on another gallop around the route in kind of reverse. It's funny how when you take your time the navigation is all so easy. Okay I'd already been to most of the controls already but even so I was approaching from different directions this time but it all seemed so easy - maybe I'll just walk at the next race...

Anyway, with my race and warm down complete I reckon I covered around 19km with 700m of ascent and now I feel surprisingly tired. Not sure whether to run tomorrow's Wentwood orienteering or do a steady 10 miler. Decisions, decisions.

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