Sunday, March 10, 2013

Heck It Was Chilly For Shorts

After many failed attempts to do the old Ashton Court run with Rick W I finally managed it today. Has to be thres years plus since I last got down there for run. There's been a lot of changes not least of which the £1 parking charge! Then there's the posh new tarmac car park where it used to be a scabby - but usable - affair. Last up the fancy pants new cafe where once there was the 'characterful' old hut... My how the years have swept in the changes....

Anyway, we ran for just over the hour in what turned out to be quite chilly conditions. For the first time this year I ran in shorts. Thinking it was going to be quite mild I didn't even take the leggings - it was quite cold around the Urals until we got into the cover of the woods.

It was nice to catch up although the group has changed. People come and people go but the ever youthful Rick remains. He now has a group he leads out from Bristol's best running shop, Up and Running. Adding to his Tuesday and Thursday night sessions he's adding in the Sunday Ashton Court run once a month. I really enjoyed heading down the old trails. Might have to try and get down a couple times a year.

And here's today's run...

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Anonymous said...

Dave, good to see you this morning and catch up. Just email me when you might be coming down and I'll let you know the plans for the Sunday run. Rick W

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