Saturday, March 02, 2013

Feeling Stronger

I'm still bloody slow mind, but definitely feeling stronger. Today I made it about 16 miles out before I'd emptied the tank - best performance to date this year. And my tactically planned route meant those last four and a half weren't total agony. I'd deftly incorporated three quarters of the total ascent into the first two thirds of the route - that's a lot of fractions. The upshot, those four plus miles didn't have a lot of ascent and were mostly flat or downhill so even on tired legs - read bloody knackered - I didn't attain 'sense of humour failure'. Result.

I won't bore you with the detail except to say the run over Llangorse was cracking. I've not there many times outside of the Mynydd Troedd fell race and never been as far south as I ran today. I pretty much ran the entire ridge from south to north. Some great views, especially in the fantastic sunshine - took me twenty minutes before I could remember what that big, bright, circle of light in the sky was called..

All in all a very pleasing run. I've still much improvement to make before I'm ready for the big day but provided I can keep getting a weekly long mountain run I'm confident I will get there. At 32.8km that's my longest run to date, adding almost 5km to my Black Mountains run a couple of weeks ago although today only had 1,350m of ascent verses the 1,5000m of the BMs. On a second plus note, I took exactly the same time as the BMs run, 3 hours and 57 minutes - although I do feel I should knock off four minutes from today's time, being the it took me to check, double check and triple check that I was really was where I knew I was and still on a public footpath. All the checking was necessary because there were farm houses all around and the gate I had to go through had no markings and more importantly was locked! Having established I was where I was from field boundaries and other features I just climbed over that bad boy and moved on but I did waste about four minutes.

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