Thursday, October 25, 2012

Square Cake, Round Tin

Just won't work...

Tonight's almost constant drizzle has kept my indoors. It's that really nasty stuff. The stuff that doesn't feel like much but gets you soaked through to the skin - and in some cases beyond. I cranked up the bike resistance and fired out an hours worth. Not the best but it'll do.

Anyway, back to the headline, I'm going to attempt a battenburg for the Chepstow bake night and just realised my round tins weren't going to cut it. A square one's what I need so I've gone and got myself one of them yer new fangled silicone ones. Have to say I'm not sure about silicone - ooh er. Is it legal? Do they work as well as you common or garden metal ones? I guess it gives me something to blame if I get an epic fail...

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