Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Race But A Run

I made it over to the Pomphrey Hill Sports 5k... but I didn't race. My legs were still feeling achy after Sunday and, fearing another really bad performance, I decided to go for a run before hand. I headed out on the old summer route and despite it being pretty pitch black for most of it I managed to get round the 5k route only 15s slower than last months race time - how the hell does that work? On the up side, I guess it means I would have been improved had I actually raced. I ran hard tonight but not on the limit plus I couldn't see the foot in front of my face - not that my foot was in front of my face but you get my drift.

Hasn't been a bad day today all in all. Work wasn't bad. Quite productive really. I managed some training, as mentioned, and I got home before ten. All set for operation sleep...

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