Sunday, October 21, 2012

What A Grey Day

Hasn't been a bad day on the work front today. Got a few bits and pieces sorted - including the auto summer clock adjustment software for one of our sites, just in the nick of time. Found more bugs in a recently contracted control system. Eventually I'll have it all working correctly.. The drive in was a bit depressing mind, none stop drizzly rain, road spray, fog and mist. Grim. Bloody glad I'm on a rest day so I don't have to head out into the gloom. My calves are feeling sore from yesterday's long hill session - means I worked hard. The Malverns really are one of my favourite spots for a hill session without the boredom of a hill session.

Anyway, I've been analysing my Malverns Strava from yesterday. Okay, not really analysing as such, more having a glance at the stats. I actually got some CRs - he shoots, he scores. I guess what that really means is that only slow runners Strava the Malverns. Still, they're up there now to be shot down - I might even have another crack at them in a month or two if not before...

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