Friday, October 19, 2012

Mud Glorious Mud

It was another day of DIY as sadly the back is feeling like it did yesterday. All very annoying. Having reached the boredom point by midday I decided to go and run anyway. So it wasn't going to be the mountains but hey, I got out there.

I drove over to the recycling centre near Broadwell - two birds, one stone and all that. I dumped my load - shut it - of recycling and headed out for a flatish 8 miles. It was very very muddy in places. Perhaps not the best route choice I could have made. I had a few more twinges from the back as I twisted and jerked to avoid going down - not even going to bother with an ooh er misses on that sentence.

Had a pretty good run on the face of it. I tried to run at a fair pace. Not on the limit by any means but I knew I was working. The couple of climbs, as there were, felt okay. I pushed reasonably hard, maintaining a steady ascent. All in all it was a pretty good work out and you can knock a couple of minutes off my time for all the gates, styles and a spot of watering the plants. Just over the hour for eight miles on a muddy route ain't bad. Pretty pleased really. Just have to wait and see how all that jerking - ssh, no - has affected the back.

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