Sunday, October 21, 2012

Malverns In The Cloud

I thought I'd leave it a bit before heading out. To give the sun a chance to burn off the early morning mist - it didn't. So I headed over and up Hollybush - careful - onto the Malverns anyway.

It was quite chilly on the top with the mist or was it low cloud, blowing over the tops. Never been across the Malverns with visibility down to fifty metres in places. It was quite nice actually. Just when the going started to get tough on an ascent another ghostly figure would shimmer into view. Well, couldn't stop then could I and appear like an amateur. No, it was a good incentive to push onwards and upwards. This time I managed to run the entire way except for the stupid steps on the Herefordshire Beacon.

The mist did finally start to dissipate on the approach to the Worcestershire Beacon. As I headed into the final climb I was actually above the mist. It appeared like the Worcestershire Beacon was high enough to be above the clouds - except it was only mist but it looked odd in a nice way.

I'm pleased with how it went today. I was out and back in just over two hours and that included a compulsory stop to water the plants and the odd stoppage to admire the views. Well, I've learnt over the last few years that there's no point being up on the hills if you don't actually take a minute or two to look out across the vista. In fact, I was ten minutes quicker than my last outing. That doesn't a lot until you realise that's thirty seconds a kilometre quicker for the 20k route with around 2,750 feet of ascent. Suspect my legs might be achy tomorrow. I really did put in some good effort on the climbs.

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