Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Back

Yeah baby, extra hour in bed tomorrow. Operation lie in is sooo going to happen.

I managed to get out for a shortish run before I turned my attention to clearing up the massive pile of pruning I created a couple of weeks ago. I was waiting for the leaves to drop so I could recycle them onto the garden. Cue two hours of cutting and bagging, sweeping and picking. It looks much tidier out front now. All set now for a day trip to the local recycling centre. Let's see how my back feels tomorrow... Hopefully it won't stop me getting out for a long run - after the lazy bastard lie in, of course. Not sure where to go, cue some cogitation.

Oh and finally, a belated good luck to all those OMMers out there getting rather cold tonight me thinks. They won't be making best use of the extra hour in bed... seems like a school boy error to me...

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