Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Feast For The Eyes

The Malverns seems to be the place to go for a spot of bird watching... There were half a dozen fine specimens out there today running strongly. And hardy too because it was none to pleasant. There was a chill in the air coupled with fine drizzle that gave way to full on rain. Not pleasant at all. Still, at least I wasn't in the Howgills.

I went for a slightly different route on the way out as compared to the normal over the top route. I took a couple of side paths, missing out a couple of climbs but adding a little extra distance and facilitating a faster pace. I also added the circumnavigation of North Hill, Table Hill and an ascent on the summit of Sugarloaf - Hill, not the mountain in Wales - before finally climbing to the Worcestershire Beacon and the journey home. In all I covered 24.8km with 718m of ascent. pleased with the time of 2:23. I pushed quite hard today.

Plus I got back a couple of my Strava records after someone stole them mid week. Grrrh, mine, all mine...

Anyway, going to finish off with an hour on the bike in front of the telly and, most importantly, in the warm. Tootle pip.

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