Friday, June 01, 2012

Embarked To Ennerdale

Well I'm on my way - and no, I'm not blogging as I drive because that would be illegal. No this is a scheduled post, written using my mystical powers to see into the future. Right about now I am slowly making my along the M5 towards the M6 - or as I like to call it on a bank holiday Friday, the worlds longest car park. With luck I will reach the Lakes sometime today. The earlier the better but not even my powers to peek into the present from the past can presuppose my arrival time.

I've picked out a couple of places for a stop over. One near Kendal and the other a little further on towards Thirlmere. I'm not intending to make it all the way to Ennerdale tonight. I shall resume my journey onwards in the morning. With the race not starting till 11am it won't mean a massively early start which ever stop over I use.

Here goes nothing...

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