Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Call Me Mickey

Squeak, squeak but I'm not going out in this bloody weather - I'm not a triathlete - my swimming isn't strong enough and I don't want to drown. My legs feel much better though and had it not been p!%$ing down I would have gone for a run. Instead I cranked the resistance on the bike right up and got a good sweat on. Much happier I'll be ready for Saturday's race.

On other matters, with 28 days holiday left this year I need to start using it - or should I just work a four day week till the end of the year? Mini break up to the Peak District in July? June is out on account of booked up every weekend. Mid July I reckon I'll be free of things. Might take my laser and run some of the Pennine Way on a two/three day run, full pack and all. Then maybe a bit of luxury with a cafe lunch after I'm done. Ah, the open road - and the open fell...

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