Sunday, June 24, 2012

Low, Low, Low

My back was feeling a bit achy this morning. A bit of muscle strain. The result of yesterday's run with the backpack - combined with some late night limbo dancing - god, I looked like a knob on the dance floor. It wasn't so much 'move like Jagger', as move like John Sergeant. On the upside, I did indeed go low, low, low.

Anyway, I managed to get out for a bit of a run this afternoon. I stayed local and tried out another couple of little footpaths I've not run before. It really wasn't much of a run but it was better than nothing. The new paths weren't the greatest. In fact I'm not sure one section has been used for years. There was no visible path through the knee high grass. Not easy running. Still, it was good for the knee lift. After that, it was slippery, boggy mud paths before another section of overgrown grass and no path before I reached old faithful, Hobbs Quarry and then, shortly after, home.

Despite being a route of only 7km it was surprisingly hilly with around 200m total ascent. In old money that's 150ft per mile which makes it BS - keep it clean people, keep it clean, I'm talking fell classification. The back feels less achy now so going to hit the bike for an hour to finish off...

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