Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Should I plan For The Weekend?

Well, shoud I? I am desperately hoping that nothing scuppers things. I want to go run a bit more of the Cotswold Way fully packed with everything I'll need for the Saunders mountain marathon - and I mean everything. Compulsory gear, tent and even my sleeping bag. I really do need to be acclimatised to carrying a heavy pack. Sad I may well look - OK, sad I will look - but I need to be ready. I really should head to the mountains but I reckon a hilly section of the Cotswolds will suffice.

Tonight I got out for 45 minutes. Took things pretty easy. If I make it to the Chepstow Handicap tomorrow, I'll be ready - to run slowly - and if I don't I'll get back out again.

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