Sunday, June 17, 2012

Did That Really Happen?

Having had a mensis horribilis on the training front I really did get out for a run. Hard to believe, I know, but true. Not content just to run I carried a 10lb pack just for the fun of it. Seriously though, I wore the pack in order to try and get myself ready for the Saunders. It was the first time I've used my Innov8 Race Elite Rucksack and it felt pretty comfy all in all - just wish it hadn't weighed ten bloody pounds! Got to get used to that though - and more. I'm going to load up for every run between now and the Saunders - which is quite likely to be not very many. Still I feel much better for actually having got out for a run.

I set off from Winchcombe at just gone ten and picked up the Cotswold Way. I hadn't run that section before - except that I had but not in its entirety. I'm like an elephant - nothing to do with the size of my trunk - when it comes to location. I remember. Doesn't matter how long ago. Something triggers when I've been somewhere before. Parts of the route seemed familiar and then I realised it must have been from when I raced the Cleevewold 14 back in 2007.

None of the climbs seemed too bad - or rather, they wouldn't have been had I not been packing. Sod how slothenly I felt. It was just bloody good to be out there running.

Going to finish off today's training, having already covered 16.6km and 480m of ascent (that's 1,600feet in old money as everyone seems to be going metric these days), with an hour on the bike before I head south for the summer, I mean, for the Sunday.

Today's recce of leg 2, Cotwold Relay (2nd Half)Out and Back for a total of 16.6km and 2,100 feet ascent

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