Friday, December 23, 2011

Well That's That Then

I've got to throw away all my jeans and buy some of those tartan slippers... and I don't feel a day older than 39 years and 364 days!

Well the holiday training hasn't exactly gotten off to a good start. When I awoke this morning, I awoke to the sound of torrential rain - cue, pulling up the duvet even cosier and going back to sleep. Now I don't mind getting caught in the rain while out running but I find it incredibly hard to force myself to start out while it's tipping it down - yes, I'm soft. I consigned my self to an hour on the bike as I set about 'liking' all the birthday messages on Facebook. I am hopeful tomorrow's weather will be better.

And one final item of note, I've mad it to page rank number one for the search term 'mad runner' on Google and the number two spot on Bing and if you search 'the mad runner', it's top spot on both! Result - quite literally! 

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