Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not My Favourite Day

Well I managed to keep myself busy on what is not my favourite day of the year. I was up early and off to work - that kept me busy and out of mischief. Back at home I set about filling my time with the baking for Birthday Thursday - now Thursday ain't actually my birthday but I've a holiday booked Friday and I'm not about to drive into Bristol just to deliver the cakes. Well, ones got to think of the environment.

First off, a fruit and apple cake. It all went well from the mixing to the baking but I fear it's a little stuck to the bottom plate of the baking tray - I think I'll let it fully cool before I attempt to scrape - I mean, ease it off the base.

Next up, the short crust for the mince pies - and it's not text book. It is my first attempt and short crust and it ain't good. On mixing it all seemed a bit soft. Not wanting to deviate from the recipe by adding extra this or that I stuck it in the fridge as instructed. Hoping, somehow, it would magically come good - it didn't. Come the rolling out phase it was a fairly epic fail. Too sticky - ssh, stop it - as suspected. I have attempted a rescue by adding extra flour to firm things up. It seems better but will now probably taste like bread - but I hope not. Anyway, it is currently cooling in the fridge ready for the second role out. On a brighter note the vanilla almond topping seems about right. Fingers crossed for the second attempt...

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