Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Almost Official...

Yes, tomorrow I am legally permitted to be a grumpy old bastard - I've been practising hard...

I had a reasonable final day of work before some white bearded git flaunts his big red sack, oh yeah, and that Santa bloke pops round with my new Wave Harriers - I've been a good boy. No training for me tonight. I am shortly to retire to the couch for the night. Nor is there's to be no last minute cavorting with some nubile young filly - chance would be a fine thing - as I spend my last day as a youngster spent being a total lazy bastard.

Aiming to get out for some decent running this loooonng weekend. Hopefully I can get myself out there tomorrow, Saturday and Monday before finishing off the festive training at the Chepstow Harriers Christmas Treasure Hunt on Tuesday. I'll not be taking any bets on whether I manage to carry out the plan.

Oh, and just one more thing. Amazingly, someone in the office didn't realise I was anywhere near the big four O - and no, said person doesn't wear glasses - although perhaps they should apply for some.

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