Sunday, December 18, 2011

Almost In The Christmas Spirit

I almost very nearly, wasn't too far away, in the region of getting the Christmas spirit - and I'm not talking a double vodka and coke. I still find it a difficult time of year but I'm getting there and yesterday's Wrinklies Christmas bash was just the tonic. The twenty three of us had a good night out at the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Masquerade Ball in Bristol. For once I didn't even get too drunk and still had a good time - there's a first.

So, having staved off the evils of the bottle I was up fairly early - well, ten o'clock - or was it eleven? and got back home by midday-ish. Of course all that was left to do then was get my arse in gear and head out into the cold for a calorie burning run. It was cold out there but not overly so as I ran over to May Hill on one of my familiar training loops. Snow was still lying on the high ground but it was turning more to ice. Conditions were slippery but not too bad and I was able to move at a reasonable pace for the most part. There were one or two places of careful walking but other than that a decent run. Just about to finish off with an hour on the bike before relaxation time kicks in...

Today's 12k run over May Hill, Brights Hill and Huntley Hill.

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