Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another Wet One

Yes, another gloriously horrid day. Windy - not down to the baked beans - and drizzly rain. We still got out there in the thick of it as planned - although we swapped out Clive for Graham. One day I vow we will once again run with Clive - but not today. Anyway, conditions were pants but that didn't stop us. As we set out I was still feeling the after affects of Tuesday's training and pseudo race. I was surprised to be feeling it from Tuesday but my achy quads didn't lie.

From the off I comfortably dropped to the back of the group. The rain blew in and we kept on battling it. Slowly but surely - don't call me Shirley - I moved back towards Martin and Graham. As we headed across the Malago I closed on Martin but he remained elusively just out of touch. It was hard work out there and my legs felt tired so it was to much surprise that I was almost two minutes quicker than last week's Malago run and surprisingly close to my fastest time over the route. Totally unexpected - but very nice all the same.

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