Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Work On The Van

I enjoyed another lovely lie in, a cup of strong coffee and then I headed outside into the cold. It was time to lay the flooring down in the van. Well, it wasn't going to magically just happen, now was it? I am not a fan of flooring. One little mis-measure and it's curtains - well, actually it's still flooring but flooring was a gap. Don't know why I suggested it would be curtains.

Anyway I measured the width and length about seven times in all - can't be too careful. Measure seven times, cut once as my Nepalese ghuru would say. Then I set about cutting and shaping. I marked up the centre line on the vinyl and the van floor and then carefully laid it into the van. Standing back I realised there wasn't really going to be an easy way to cut round all the nooks and crannies. I wanted to let the vinyl slide up the sides slightly so it would retain water, much like a wet room. It is inevitable that rain will get in the van and with the sides retaining the water it means it can gentle gravitate out the back rather than creeping under the flooring - that's something I want to avoid at all cost.

So I set about carefully, slowly, slowly fitting the vinyl to the van, small cuts at a time and it all went ok. It would have been easier to cut the vinyl to the edges but then at best I'd have had to have gone round with sealant afterwards. This way I was able to hide a few gaps in the ply lining here and there. It's fair to say the edge around the walls is a bit uneven but I intend to deal with that when I upholster the walls, overlapping that over the vinyl to give a straight edge. It's all in the plan. I finished off with a couple of sections of aluminium angle foot plate to protect the edges by the door - just need to get myself one more piece for the back door. All in all I am quite pleased with my efforts. In fact, the floor looks so tidy, I think I need to get a few door mats and operate a no shoe policy...

Funky vinyl flooring, an extravagance but heck, I couldn't resist

On the exercise front I put in an hour on the bike. My legs are feeling it a little from yesterday but hopefully I can't get myself out for a decent run tomorrow...

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