Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Race...

I know you're not supposed to when out training but sometimes - read most of the time - we blokes get competitive. What starts off as a steady paced run doesn't end that way.

It was a fantastic day for it - wasn't bad for running either - matron. Martin and I set out on the normal Dundry loop at noon and the pace soon edged upwards. As we passed the common the pace was still steady. There were still a few patches of ice on the ground so we had to be careful. By the time we hit the first part of the hill, unbelievably, I was leading. That hasn't happened, well, ever! It stayed that way as the incline increased. As we approached the top Martin began to edge back to me. Then I hit a patch of ice, took a few strides on the spot, and Martin shot into the lead and disappeared over the top. I followed a few metres behind - in my quickest ever time to the top. From there Martin normally piles it on down the other side - but not today.

I came back. And came back strong. By the bottom I was 20 metres clear and flowing. It felt easy. I felt relaxed. Possibly the best I've ever felt on the Dundry run. Could I possibly make it home first? The answer to that came a few minutes later...

But it didn't go in my favour. Martin came back at me and suddenly 'feeling great' turned to 'hanging in there'. I didn't collapse, Martin just pulled out his reserves - ooh er misses. I finished in 30:10, twenty seconds quicker than my previous quickest and that was including a bit of slipping on the ice. I might not have finished first but I gave him a scare.

Tonight, I deviated from the training plan - but in a good way - I put in an hour on the bike as a bonus extra. Yep, it's been a good day.

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