Monday, January 31, 2011

Hot And Very Spicy

My veggie sweet and sour. I've decided I need to start cooking with healthier, fresh ingredients. To be fair I need to start cooking period. Man cannot live off processed food alone - better with someone else... And in these harsh economic times it's going to work out cheaper as well going by how much I spent. Win win.

Anyway, I deviated slightly from the plan today. Instead of the rower, I managed to get out for a run instead - that's a deviation I can live with. The old Dundry route with Martin.

My calf is still sore so I took it steadyish. Probably just the quicker side of average. Not bad under the circumstances. Even without the soreness I don't think I would have gone massively quickly. I feel a bit fatigued.

I took it steady on the bike session tonight. And now I rest. Aiming for an early night...

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