Saturday, January 29, 2011

Malvern Along

Another fine run. Fifteen gloriously hilly Miles along the Malvern Hills. Totaling somewhere near 4000 feet of ascent. Gert, flippin' lush.

I can feel myself getting stronger. I ran the entire way out - never managed that before. I ground out the climbs and dug deep on the steep bits. And it's always a buzz to overhear the surprise of people voicing amazement that you're running up the steep bits. That in itself helps keep you motivated all the way to the top - can't stop to walk after someone goes and says something like that. Then on the way back there were only two of the ascents which brought me to a walk and of those I was two thirds of the way up before I had to capitulate. All in all that has to be my strongest run on the Malverns. Probably my strongest of the year so far if I'm honest. I ran more of the route than I ever have before.

I must make sure I get over there more often. It's a brilliant place to run. You get a reasonably long run with the benefit of a hill session built in - bargain.

Well, can't stop I've got to finish with an hour on the bike warm down. Been another good day.

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