Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pure Green

Seem to have picked a flippin' cold. Not that it'll hold me back. No, it's the sore calf doing that. As a professional athlete I've got to manage my training schedule so as to minimise down time. Don't think it's anything major but no point in risking it. Been a good training week, be silly to derail things now.

To mimise the stress on my sore calf I put in a two hour bike session. It wasn't too bad if a bit boring towards the end but a good workout never the less. Mind you, it's not quite as good as a run in the mountains and the weather today looked bloody great. There would have been some fantastic views from the tops today. I'm a bit sad and more than a little jealous of anyone who did get to the mountains today. But I need to be sensible. End of.

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