Sunday, January 02, 2011

Bloody iPhone Alarm

Ok, I'll admit it, I haven't got an iPhone so I can't blame the bug in its software. The reason my alarm didn't go off until nine was that I forgot to set it - can't think for the life of me why I would have forgotten to set it? Strange.

Anyway, it didn't go off till nine and that meant I couldn't get over to the 7 Sins race in time. That was a shame as I'm sure there would've been a goodly number of Chepstvians to race against. And another thing, why 10am, that's far too uncivilised a time of day to prepare for. We fell runners don't normally race till two in the afternoon - an imminently more sensible time of day. Come on race organisers, think of us lazy bastards for once...

Legs weren't really up to it today anyway. So instead I did a bit of diy and installed a couple of curtain tracks in the gym to try and ward off the cold. During the last cold snap I could feel the heat being sucked from the house via the french windows. I'll be well prepared for round two of the cold snap of doom. After that I hit the bike for sixty before retiring to the sofa from where I pen this. Going to kick back with a book in a while and then chippies for dinner...

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