Sunday, January 09, 2011

Maiden Voyage

of the good ship Concept 2. My legs are not great today but I have to be honest, I was expecting them to feel a lot worse - I guess that's for tomorrow.

I decided I'd go for a steady 5000m on the rower. It's been years - literally - since my last stroke on the concept 2 and I only have vague memories of what I was able to pull - stop it. Rather than go hammer and tong, I took it steady and averaged 2 mins 16.8 seconds per 500m for the distance. That is a lot slower than I used to go, that I know for sure. It does give me something to row against next time though because you're able to race previous performances. As I complete different distances and times I can re-race them and slowly but surely - don't call me shirley - increase my performances. That is one of the best things about the concept 2 - apart from the total body workout of course. It's been good to get re-acquainted.

I finished off today's workout with forty minutes on the bike. The big question is, will my legs be capable of running tomorrow? Anyone care to guess?

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