Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter is here

Working from home, with my view from the window, it looked cold. As I worked from dawn till dusk it seemed to grow colder with every passing minute - I think we know where this is going [wink]. By midday it was snowing. By five past it had stopped. The cold did for me and in the end I didn't get out for a run. On the plus side I did get some quality work done - the back of the coding, the screens and a few finishing touches to the documentation, has been well and truly broken. Moving into the testing phase next week - whoo hoo.

Anyway, back to the world of (non)running I put in another hour on the bike. Over the last few sessions I've been slowly increasing the resistance as my feeling of increased fitness grows. Tonight I decided on the same session as yesterday - and I'm bloody glad I didn't notch it up a bit. It was a flippin' struggle. My legs feel jellified.

On other matters, the battle of the bulge is on again with another Christmas meal on its way tonight. Two in two days can't be good but I have at least managed to shed a few pounds - no, not in the monetary sense, all though now I mention it, anyway - over the last fortnight. Back under the big eleven - topper.

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