Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hasing around the woods

We got up to a light dusting of snow - making the drive across to Tintern and the delights of the Wye Valley slightly steadyer going that would normally be the case. It was slippy in places but we made it there safely. What we did not expect on arrival was a proper organised club event. We were expecting half a dozen runners out for a friendly hash not an organised event - they took our names down and everything guvnor - not to be used in evidence though.

I've never run a hash before but knew the basics of what one was. The Chepstow crew had put on a great one with loads of markers and plenty of false trails. They must have been out right early or perhaps even the previous day to mark things out.

It was great fun. At points I was in the lead then, one wrong turn and I was back in the pack. A few minutes later, miles back and then a few more and it was back towards the lead as the then leaders took a blind alley.

With only a few hundred metres I was in second but then disaster, a final wrong turn saw me down to fourth - doh. All good fun though - and it's not like it's a real race, more a friendly gathering of runners.

Then it was into the pub for a drink, a chat and some grub - all courtesy of the Chepstow crew - very very kind of them and I can tell you, the heavenly stew went down a treat to warm the cockles...

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