Monday, December 07, 2009

Easy but wet, very wet

We rolled out of bed late - what are holidays's for if not to have a massive lie-in? Then it was up and at 'em as we headed out with B and P for an easy run.

It was pouring with rain and more than a little chilly. At one point it almost stopped raining but that was me being silly - of course it wasn't going to stop raining.

We covered 11km and 1,200ft of ascent in an awe inspiringly slow time of one hour and fifteen minutes - simply stunning.

Tomorrow we have a more strenuous run planned up some mountain. Do you know you can't move for mountains up here in the Snowdonia National Park? - funny that.

Boot camp is well underway. I intend to have lost a few pounds by this time next week, coming home a leaner, meaner running machiner...

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