Monday, December 28, 2009

Two peaks - the reverse

In a turn of fortunes we headed out for the anti-clockwise version of the Longhope 2 peaks route - controversial.

It was a nice steady run and for once there were no chill winds. The sun shone. The birds twittered - they've gone high tech round here! and the Brown Dog jumped stiles and fences like only she can - cocky bitch - ooh, an oxymoron (I think)!

I felt pretty good and actually managed to run all the hills. Not they're particularly steep, mind, it's just that at the moment I'm not particularly good at running. I definitely feel stronger and fitter though. I think it's coming back.

The bike awaits me later for another hour. I rate the bike as a fabulous training and it seems to be working - in my mind at least, which is half the battle.

And as a bit of techno jiggery here is the route...

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