Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thirty five

Yes, thirty five seconds quicker on my lunchtime run up over Dundry than I've gone before (At least this year). Neither Martin or myself really felt up for it but within a few minutes we were tanking along. OK, 'tanking' is probably over stating it a tad but we went well. It was our ascent that gave us the time, reaching the top those 35s quicker than the previous fastest. From there we held things together back to the office - although Martin did pull away in the last kilometre as I faded a fraction. I have to say I felt much the better for it.

Onto tonight's session - yes, for it was yet another double day for me - I ran the same six 400m's with a similar recovery as last week. Sean started 100m back and just about caught me on the first few. Rick is starting to pick things up ahead of next Sunday's Gwent League.

My splits were up on last week but my legs felt heavy. Within the first 50-200 metres of each lap I was relying on my mental strength to keep me pushing to the finish. I kept it together to register splits of 81, 80, 78.5, 76.5, 74.5 and 77s. Which statistically speaking - nerd-i-ness alert - means I ran the session a cumulative five and a half seconds quicker than last week - and that's in addition to the quicker lunch run - I believe the statement 'booyaka' is in order at this juncture.

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