Friday, June 26, 2009

The world has gone Jackson mad

Why is it that everyone in the world - including those who denounced him during the 'inappropriate behaviour' years - have becomes the most massive fans of Micheal Jackson now he has departed the mortal coil? Don't they realise that you are permitted to purchase an artists work - before they die? There's no rule of thumb, 'Death's Law', if you prefer, that states you can only buy someone's album after they've died. And if they were Micheal Jackson's biggest fans - why the bloody hell do they need to rush out and buy up every album he ever made? - they should already have his songs - they're the biggest fans, right? I'll admit he had a few catchy tunes, but come on, it's not like he was your dad, is it?

I'm afraid this looks like a case for - duh, duh, duh [that's that catchy 1950's B music suspense music just in case you were wondering] - Super 'Jump On The Band Wagon' Man to the rescue. Wherever there is a band wagon, when all original thought is lost, when all you can do if follow the next man, then it's time call, Super 'Jump On The Band Wagon' Man.

Right, got that off my chest, it's time for chilling and carbo loading ahead of tomorrow's 5 o'clock start to be ready for Leg One of the Cotswold Relay. Of the two times I've run Leg One I think I'm going to be closer to the time of my first attempt, 1:33:52, than that of my second, 1:27:54 - I only hope I don't run a PW. I've got to be good enough for around the 90 minute mark, surely - and don't call me Shirley.

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