Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A good batch

I was pleased with my finishing position in what was a good field. Practically every Chepstow Harrier - past, present and future - had turned out for the Beacon Batch. The race has a tough start. From the gun you head up a stoney path. I felt alright but didn't seem to have much leg power and consequently struggled a bit. The course then flattened out for half a mile of pacey running before the final climb up to the top. Now I really struggled on that bit. Even when the gradient was almost flat, on the approach to the turn, I could hardly run. It was painful.

Then once we turned to run along the flat top section I seemed to pick up a little and managed to keep with the pair of runners just ahead - one, a Chepstow Harrier who seems to beat me every time, only just mind, but beat me he doth. And no, I'll not name names. Suffice to say, tonight was my night.

As we hit the downhill run in - and it was a long, meandering run in - I made my move. As the gradient of the slope increased my old sea legs returned and I went past the pair and closed down the second woman. She was a tougher nut to crack and descended well on the rocky, stoney ground. I ate into her lead but I wasn't making enough inroad. However, with 20 metres to go and five metres to make up, I charged like a right nobber and burst past, to finish 19th and I was pleased with my time on the 5 mile course. I thought I might get close to 38 minutes on the course which has 1,000 feet of ascent but was prepared to be happy with forty. As I passed the line, the clock was stopped at 37:37.

As a down side, my left heel is killing me. I must have stamped on a stone - now, I do not believe I wanted to do that. Well, that's it for tonight. Now to prepare for tomorrow's Nailsea 10k. Bring it on...

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