Monday, June 29, 2009


I feel OK today - not so OK that I can be arsed to do any training, mind. Only kidding - not about the lack of training, no, I shan't be doing of that nonsense, no, I'm kidding about the reason for not training. I'm going to use these two days (that's yesterday and today) to give the old bones a chance to recover ahead of tomorrow's Bridge Inn 5k.

I went at it pretty hard last week and although I feel recovered I may still have a bit of fatigue in me but hopefully I'll be able to build from last month's SB and claim another one. Depending on the outcome I'm tempted to then have a crack at the Thornbury Carnival 10k on Thursday, although I won't taper for it so I'll be heading to the track on Wednesday. I reckon the reprisal of my old 'race yourself back to form' is the way to go.

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