Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back on my old stomping ground

With a barbecue to attend in Bristol it seemed like the perfect time to return to Ashton Court for a run - perfect, that is, except for the fact that the race for life was taking place on the Downs which meant no one else turned up! Still, I had an enjoyable solo 50 minutes through Leigh Woods, past Abbots Pool and back into Ashton Court. I almost got back to the sort of speeds I used to run but the climbs came as a bit of a shock. I thought I was getting fitter but either my memory of how well I used to go is off kilter or I'm no where near my former (not so) glory.

Well, I've run back to back days consisting of a long one and pacier, shorter one - just like the old days. I'll be fit again one day, you mark my words...

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Anonymous said...

It has to be a massive apology from us local Bristol runners that we didn't see the blue moon that was the sign for you to turn up at Ashton Court on a Sunday. Excuses are: I was working in the shop from 10:30, Tim was working in Swindon, Sean was on his way to Hereford for a junior league match and yes it was the Race for Life on the Downs with its ensuing traffic chaos.

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