Saturday, June 20, 2009


Not that I ran quickly at the Tebay but I ran hard. It felt like I ran the hardest, and put in the most effort of any of the races I've run this year. I really tried. Even on that last climb - which was twice the length of the first three climbs - when my legs were on, well, their last legs I pushed. I was on all fours by the top, but still I pushed. When I did finally reach the summit and check point four I could hardly stand - but there was still over two miles to run. So with my severely jellified legs I ambled on down as fast as I could to get through the finish. I was really really very tired - and then, with about 150m to go some damn fool had the temerity to try and go past me. Well I can tell you now, I wasn't have any of that nonsense. So I fired up the after burners for one last blast and took the tape a good few metres ahead - it was of course, a notional tape as I was back in 157th place. I ask you, why do they do it? Well that's the finish covered, now for the start.

The weather looked as though it might cause a bit of trouble at tut mill but in the end all was well. The wind dropped and the rain stayed away. It was, in fact, perfect conditions to run the Tebay Fell Race, a medium for the British and English Fell Championships weighing in at just over nine miles (officially eight, but that's nobber) and 2,600 feet of ascent.

At 1am off we set, a mass of 300 runners all streaming across the playing field and through a narrow gate - crush time, baby. After that things spread out as we meandered onto the fell and up to check point one. There were a few route choices - some choices I made were good - others, sadly, were a bit pants. I like to think they evened out in the end.

I am now thoroughly knackered and I don't think I've ever felt like sleeping quite as much as I do now. I'm thinking I could be asleep soon. But after sleep does descend and if I manage to raise myself by 8:30 tomorrow morning, then I might head down to Ashton Court for the old 10am run - I wonder if there'll be any one else there this time...

Well done to all the Calder Valley crew. The women with their win and individual 6th (H), 7th and 9th + others and well done to me for bringing the men's team down a peg or two by ending up as a team scorer in the 5th and final spot - woe is they...

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