Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So cold things shrink

Ooh, it were bitter tonight, bitter I tells ye. So c.c.cold I thou.thought something m.m.might shrivel up and drop off - namely, my p.p.p.proboscis - well? What were you expecting me to say?

It was just Sean and Bruce again, thought we might see Nick but alas no. Anyway, we ran ten 400's using the rotational technique - I always enjoy safe training and the rotational technique helps avoid premature exhaustion. And on a cold night like tonight it's always good to wear protection as well - a good sturdy pair of gloves. But boy did my feet get cold, just couldn't keep them warm. Oh well, home now and beginning to thaw out...

Anyway, I was around about 76s per lap tonight with a 45s jog recovery. A couple were slightly quicker and a couple were slightly slower but I averaged 76s off, what for me, is a reasonably short recovery. Bruce was looking good hitting 73/74s and Sean was unstoppable on 69s - stop it. I find it so hard - I said, stop it - to breath deep in the cold, the back of my throat just stings. I'm pleased with tonight's session in light of the harsh conditions. Just hopping things warm up a little because these endless cold days are beginning to get on my nerves.

For tomorrow I am going to try and get out for some longer reps, maybe as long a mile but I really haven't decided when or where. I really need some though. If it's cold again I'm not sure I'll have the mental strength to get out there - here's hoping...

Thought for the day: Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

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