Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cross country

No, not what you think. It was the exercise bike setting down at the gym. I waited in all day for my new dining table to be delivered - it did arrive as per the schedule - but when it says between 8am and 6pm you hope it's going to arrive in the morning as opposed to ten to six. Oh well, least it was delivered when they said - no sofa debacle this time - but it destroyed my idea of going for a lunch time session of hill reps up Dundry. And by the time it was delivered I was so fed up that I couldn't attempt a half hearted session so I decided the gym was a better option - certainly a damn sight warmer.

I did work really hard though, the cross country session is unbelievably hard. I put in an hour's worth and for about half the time my heart rate was up at 160. My legs were buckling under the strain. The lowest it dropped to was about 145. The thing about the bike is it's just physically very difficult to keep the pedals going round when the resistance cranks up. At points I hit level 18 and it only goes up to 20.

The great thing about the bike work out though, is that it's easier than running to really push through the lactic acid barrier. My legs were on fire at times but you just have to keep pushing and because it's the legs which are taking the strain rather than the heart hitting its limit you can really keep pushing through the pain. I reckon it's got to help simulate the knackered, near the end of race conditions and because you can keep pushing through it, it's got to help increase the staying power - even if it does use different muscles.

Anyway, I'm not missing my track session tomorrow - so look out track here I come...

Thought for the day: Have patience. All things change in due time. Wishing cannot bring autumn glory or cause winter to cease.

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