Monday, December 10, 2007


Yes, for the first time in about a month I was able to do some ab crunches tonight. It's been too painful of late but tonight I thought I'd test the water and you know what? There was no sign of any pain - which is nice - but also slightly strange. It was still bothering me on the weekend and if it's what I think it is, it shouldn't be able to go away on it's own but on tonight's evidence it seems to have - I'm rambling so I'll shut up. Still, 60 ab crunches - bargain - I think I'm just about going to be able to maintain the six pack - topper.

I had chance to glance through the results of The Blorenge. I'm even more chuffed now. The field was quite strong but I still managed to score about 90pts towards the series score. That's about as good as I can score but because of the strength of the field I expected to score lower. And I've never been within 30s of the guy who finished one place ahead of me. At Sugar Loaf he was over two minutes ahead - this course was half the distance - but still I think that's a good improvement. Maybe he had an off day, so I won't read too much into it but I am feeling pretty optimistic about my fell running at the moment - especially considering I haven't really been doing any specific training or much hill work - make that none.

So to tonight and my quads are still sore from the weekend. I decided there was no point in trying a hard session - I wouldn't be able to put in enough effort for it to be worthwhile but too much to allow my muscles to repair. Instead I went to the gym for 40 minutes on the bike - on an easy level so I didn't have to kill myself - followed by ten minutes on the rower. The concept II rower is such a lush piece of kit - if I had the room in my house I'd buy one.

I finished off with the ol' upper body routine; back, biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders and not forgetting the abs.

Thought for the day: Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.

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