Saturday, December 22, 2007

Last day of 35

Well, today is the last day as thirty five year old - oh, how the ever advancing father time marches onwards. I'm not bitter. On the whole this has been a good year. There's been a few lows in amongst the happy times. My running hasn't been what it should have been in terms of time and PB's but it's been a year in which I have simply enjoyed running - and, of course, discovered a new event, which seems to suit my mad cap style - namely the fell running. And I especially enjoyed the first part of the year, in which I managed to race those twenty races in the first three months. I aim to break that tally in 2008. And then there was all the filming - which was fun in a sort of 'look at the twonk with the camera on his head' way. Flippin' heck this is turning into the mad runner's review of the year - I'm stopping now.

I didn't run today on account of getting up late - and being too lazy. I made it down the gym though, for an hour on the the bike - cross country setting - what other setting would I choose? That produced more of the 'burn' - it really is a fantastic workout. Then it was onto the weights before finishing off with 75 ab crunches - which I am glad to say I'm still managing to perform - I'll be up to 100 before long.

Thought for the day: The big shots are only the little shots who kept shooting.

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John Kynaston said...

Happy Birthday!

Look forward to more great races and training to follow in 2008!

We had a great run on the whw today. For some photos see my blog!


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