Sunday, December 02, 2007

Not what I had planned

I think we can assume I didn't make it - understatement.

I gave it my best shot but conditions - and my stupidity got the better of me. I was through 20 miles in 2:16 but the wind of laps 1 and 2 had taken too much. At points the gusts practically brought me to a stop. I guess how I ran today was a kind of running suicide but I couldn't come all this way and not give it a go.

Within a mile, at around 21, I completely seized. It was so painful to run I almost cried - I didn't - obviously - but I was unable to run. Never the less I limped to the finish in a stunning time of 3:28!!!

Thought for the day: Be glad if you tried your best irrespective of the outcome.

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John Kynaston said...

Sounds a tough run. I must admit I was fearful for you with the weather forecast.

But well done for finishing!!


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