Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You know you're mad keen when ...

... you run a track speed session in the pouring rain! Despite the best effort of the weather to put dampener on things it was actually a good session tonight and I enjoyed it. We ran five sets of 700m / 300m with 1 minute rest between the seven and the three and 2 minutes rest between sets. I ran the seven's at 2:20 and the three's at 55/56s. I was pleased with the consistency throughout. The final three was really hard work but I managed to hang on in there and run a 55. I recon I ran the session just about right, not too fast and not too slow as I was able to finish the last as quick as the first - but only just.

It's been a hard few days of training since Saturday but I feel the quality has been really good. Tomorrow's session on the Downs looks like being a sort of hill session, so it will compliment what I have already done this week. I might even give myself a day off on Friday - from running that is - obviously I will head off down the gym at some point.

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