Saturday, September 30, 2006

Over the hills and far away

Managed to get myself out for my planned 18 miler. It actually turned out to be just over 19. And why does it always rain on me? I guess because I chose to go when the forecast said it would rain. The wind put in an appearance as well.

I was pleased with my pace of 7:20's versus my target marathon pace of 6:50's. The GPS really helps keep me focused on keeping the pace up. Today it coped really well. It didn't loose signal under any of the tree cover but stupidly it lost it with about 3 miles to go when I was running on the road with perfect clear views of the sky. Now what's that all about? I guess I have to find a route which keeps me under the trees!

Finished off with half an hour on the exercise bike to get the lactic out of the legs but my right calf is a bit tight now. I will be doing some gentle stretching and massage later to see if I can't sort that out before tomorrows recovery run.

I Recon I might just be able to get in enough miles to attempt the Luton Marathon in December. I plan to run 22 miles next weekend then I'm going to taper for Stroud. Once that's out of the way I plan to run two more long runs of 22 and 24 miles. Leaving me with a four week taper to the Marathon. I'm not planning to go sub 3 this time. I just want to end the year with a time slightly closer to what I feel I am capable of. Looking to run Luton on 7:10's which will give me 3:08. Apparently Luton is not flat so I might be a bit slower but either way I feel I should get inside 3:15 (7:25's) which will give me a good base to build on next year.

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