Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Oldbury 10

Had a pretty good race at Oldbury. Can't say it was great because I was a little down on the time I had planned for myself but the conditions where not good. The wind was really strong and sapped the strength out of me in the latter stages. Taking that into account, I guess 63:22 for 10 miles is actually pretty good for me. Probably the best part of the result was my finishing position of 23rd out of over 400 runners. I guess the wind played a part in slowing everyone. I recon that on a windless day I would have been close to 62 minutes so things still look good for the Bristol Half Marathon where I feel confident of approaching 1hr 23. Now all I have to do is stay fit, healthy and injury free for two more weeks, get in a few more quality training sessions and then I will be all set. I really feel that I have moved up a league with my performances over that last month.

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